8 Reasons Why RFID Tagging Benefits Every Business

It really is no secret that RFID tagging is beneficial for almost every business. From the construction industry to library services, asset tagging has huge advantages when it comes to real-time tracking, logistics management, data capture, inventory and distribution. The infographic below discusses just 8 RFID benefits. Not a fan of reading from an infographic? […]

How to Save 100’s Hours of Frustration During Your RFID Tagging Project

Do you know how tag implementation and data input is stupidly time-consuming and complicated if you don’t understand how RFID works? Well, if you used a tagging specialist, that wouldn’t be an issue!   With a tagging specialist, you would   Work to an agreed deadline. Completed on time every time Get paid on time […]

Saving Time and Money: How The Tagging Team Can Help With Asset Cataloguing

Cataloguing assets is an essential process for any business that wants to keep track of its inventory, equipment, and other valuable items. However, managing this task in-house can be time-consuming, costly, and may not produce accurate results. That’s where The Tagging Team comes in – a professional company that specialises in cataloguing assets. In this […]

RFID vs. Barcodes: Why Libraries Are Making the Switch

In the fast-paced digital age, libraries are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of their patrons. One of the significant shifts happening in library management is the adoption of modern technology to streamline operations and enhance user experiences. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology and traditional barcodes are two methods for managing library collections, but libraries […]

Enhancing Student Experience: The Power of RFID in Education

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology continues to shape various aspects of our lives, including education. One powerful technology making a significant impact in the education sector is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionising the way educational institutions operate and enhancing the overall student experience. In this blog post, we […]

Construction Asset Tagging 101: A Guide to RFID Technology

In the world of construction, where every tool, piece of equipment, and material holds a significant role in the successful completion of projects, keeping track of assets is paramount. Enter Construction Asset Tagging, a process that has been revolutionised by Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Construction Asset […]


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