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The Tagging Team – The Specialists in RFID Tagging

RFID Asset Tagging is a specialist service.

Take the stress and risk out of your RFID tag installation.

We’ve tagged over 32 million items for companies like yours! 

The Tagging Team Ltd. partnering progressive RFID system suppliers across Europe.
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Library Related Services

Library Outsourcing specialise in designing, implementing and managing labour intensive projects set in a library environment. With our tried and tested ultra-efficient system we have tagged over 32 million items with virtually no disruption to library operation and excellent feedback from all our customers.




Asset Tagging Construction Industry

The Tagging Team Ltd provides the physical asset tagging element of Hilti’s new service offer.

In short our service is the provision of labour, planning and management to complete the process of RFID implementation.


Health Sector RFID Tagging

RFID Tagging of patient records can have enormous benefits, but, how do you get to the stage of all those records being tagged.

The Tagging Team Ltd can offer a solution which is not only cost effective but will ensure that you start reaping the benefits of your RFID system as early as possible.


The RFID Implementation Gap

There is a clear implementation gap in RFID installations across most sectors. The current model for tagging the assets to be tracked creates that gap. By filling it your system produces an improved ROI through immediate implementation.



“The Tagging Team are the perfect partner for any RFID implementation. Their knowledge and professional approach leaves us confident in knowing that no matter how large or small the project is it will be completed as per the clients requirements and within the agreed timescales.”

James Breakell, Managing Director-UK, D-Tech International Ltd

“It’s vitally important we use partners who are sympathetic to our, and our customers’ expectations, whether it’s timescales, budgets or approach. When using The Tagging Team we consistently receive positive comments in all these areas…thanks…to a great team.”

Chris Robb, Director, 2CQR



The Tagging Team have managed on-site RFID implementation projects in UK, Ireland, Central Europe, Northern Europe and more.



The Tagging Team works in partnership with most major system suppliers.



The Tagging Team operate unique quality control system through our own software coupled with stringent visual checks. Guaranteeing not only an on-time completion to your project but a seamless transition to RFID.

We work as a single united team with our partners and give our clients the highest quality service possible.

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