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Our customer’s challenges are all quite similar, they need to implement RFID or BLE but the tagging element is a potential delay.  They see those delays causing knock-on effects that are detrimental to their implementation, and their business.

We exist to help our system supplier partners achieve a quicker, more precise and time guaranteed implementation. In a nutshell we get the tagging done, quicker, better and safer.

We’ve seen the effects on incorrect or slow tagging, system purchasers frustrated with the problems, not happy to pay for the system or simply turning it off because it doesn’t work.  Our tagging service means these problems no longer occur. Our partners, from a variety of industries, get paid quicker, have happier clients and don’t have the stress of delayed tagging projects


What are you missing?

Are you missing a vital service your clients need, a tagging service?  If so then The Tagging Team can work with you to make your offer complete and achieve happier clients, quicker installs and a faster return on investment for your customers.

If you don’t offer your customers a tagging service then you risk waiting longer to get paid, deadlines being missed, incorrect tagging causing system issues and an overall lack of control for implementation.  Why wouldn’t you add tagging as a service?

Sometimes you need to go for the all hands on deck approach to manage hardware installs.  It works, but it’s not ideal.  Having your system design team installing hardware is an expensive way of doing it; we can offer you a service for hardware install that’ll keep your team doing what they should be doing.

What are your problems?

If your clients are self-tagging they will usually miss their target for completion, you’ve seen it first-hand, and that affects everything.  What would a guaranteed tagging completion date mean for your implementation?

If the systems not up and running you probably don’t get paid, remove delays, get paid quicker, that’s good for you and your customers.

If your clients are self-tagging they’re doing one of two things; either they are using their own staff, taking them away from what they normally do and asking them to perform a task they have no interest in or, they’re using agency staff who couldn’t care less (in most cases) about the result.  Neither of these options will ensure that your awesome RFID / BLE system is getting the start it deserves.  Think smarter; offer your clients a tagging service.

If the tagging is bad the system will reflect that.  Poor tagging can cause considerable knock on effects.  When your system struggles at the start because the tagging isn’t up to standard then right from day one a negative image is being developed around your product.  Take the risk out of tagging by bringing in an expert.

The Tagging Team Asset Tracking System Suppliers Solution

What if you could:

Our service absolutely guarantees the quality of both the tag placement and the data entry.  If we did get it wrong we’d repair everything without charge, because we would be responsible.  Knowing that means we make 100% sure that everything is right, from the start.

Another essential element to implementing your system, book it in, get it done.  We make hardware installation an easy part of your overall project.

Deadlines are important, for customers to gain confidence and for you to get paid.  Opting for our tagging and install services will ensure deadlines are hit every time.

Completing an RFID / BLE install is a challenge, plan, tag, integrate software and install hardware, a big job.  You’re the experts on your system, we’re the experts for tagging and hardware install, together we can get you paid quicker.

The solution is simple, we’re here to help!