The Tagging Team – View From an Asset Tagging Project Manager

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Many people, when I ask the question “what assets do you have”, look at me in bewilderment. For the people who don’t immediately understand what assets are and how intelligent use of them can be [...]

RFID Keeps Children Safe in the Crowds of India

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RFID keeps children safe by providing technology that will help reunite lost children during one India's most crowded religious events. Sabarimala sees millions of people every year making the dif [...]

RFID System Suppliers, Why You Hit Problems With Implementation

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Tenders and non-tender purchases of RFID / BLE systems often ignore tagging in the initial RFP, leading to a Capital Expenditure budget designed for hardware / software purchase, with implementati [...]

The Tagging Team – What’s Our Story?

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Sep 2008 “Hi Chris, how can I help?” “Hey Mike, to be honest I’m not sure you can.  In a nutshell, we have half a million items that need RFID tagging, as soon as possible.  Is that something you [...]

Top 3 Ways RFID Can Improve Healthcare

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A substantial amount of money is being lost every year in healthcare due to underutilisation of mobile assets and health records. With numerous floors and wings often spanning several buildings, h [...]

Top 10 RFID Tagging Survey Reveals – Including PDF Report

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Our new questionnaire covers everything from the foreseen issues of RFID implementation right through to the timescale and cost of a project. Check out the infographic below for the top 10 RFID [...]

This is why RFID is Revolutionising Retail all Over the World

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The advantages of retail RFID technology are blindingly obvious! With RFID in place, stores now have the ability to track all items, big or small, throughout the store and customers can find th [...]

Why I’m Avoiding Elevators, it’s an RFID Thing

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Every business needs an elevator pitch. Damn it, we don’t have one! A one minute pitch for your business. There are a lot of ideas out there on how to build one, succinct, compelling, interesti [...]

RFID Asset Tracking Will Make You Money

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Saving money is the same as making money You’ve heard it before I know, in this case it relates to the ROI of RFID, if you can save money then the value, in terms of profits on your sales is hi [...]

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