Tool Tracking Options for the Construction Industry

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Tool Tracking Options for the Construction Industry - Everything you need to know We cover all your questions about tool tracking options for UK construction businesses, we also cover the ‘appare [...]

Asset Tagging Process. Our Easy Implementation Plan

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During the asset tagging process how much are missed deadlines costing you? How many potential customers are put off by the asset tagging process? How many of your projects are delayed because peo [...]

7 Common Misconceptions About RFID Tagging

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If you are an RFID system supplier or an RFID system buyer you have probably wondered whether or not to use the services of a specialist tagging service provider. Or maybe you haven’t even consid [...]

RFID Tagging Service Consultation For Asset Tracking Projects.

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Specialist RFID Services We’ve grown to understand that none of the key players in RFID system provision, or their clients, want to be responsible for the tagging element of implementing an RFID o [...]

Understanding RFID Tagging Project Implementation

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Selling an RFID / BLE solution is an arduous process, all the system suppliers out there know only too well how many hurdles there are. It’s a tough job, you have our admiration! But selling it is [...]

Top Tips on Hitting RFID Tagging Deadlines and Getting Paid on Time

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Are your customer’s causing missed deadlines and delayed payments? All your hard work goes into planning your RFID project and then the customer’s part is delayed and you don’t get paid on time. W [...]

2017 RFID Tagging Survey Results – Quality of Tag Placement a Concern?

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To get a clear picture of what future customers need from our tagging services in 2018 we've collected our 2017 RFID tagging survey results. Here's what we found... Industries that responded to ou [...]

The Tagging Team – View From an Asset Tagging Project Manager

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Many people, when I ask the question “what assets do you have”, look at me in bewilderment. For the people who don’t immediately understand what assets are and how intelligent use of them can be [...]

RFID Keeps Children Safe in the Crowds of India

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RFID keeps children safe by providing technology that will help reunite lost children during one India's most crowded religious events. Sabarimala sees millions of people every year making the dif [...]

RFID System Suppliers, Why You Hit Problems With Implementation

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Tenders and non-tender purchases of RFID / BLE systems often ignore tagging in the initial RFP, leading to a Capital Expenditure budget designed for hardware / software purchase, with implementati [...]

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