Are your customer’s causing missed deadlines and delayed payments?

All your hard work goes into planning your RFID project and then the customer’s part is delayed and you don’t get paid on time. When working with customers that choose to self-tag this is a common problem. We know how it feels to have a customer slow down the project timeline, having a frustrating impact on the agreed deadline. But we’re going to share our top tips to avoid this during the tagging process.

Ensure your customers know exactly what is needed of them:

Discuss Timelines

Set up a meeting to discuss timelines and let your customers know where their tagging process will fit into this. Your project can be delayed, disrupted or completely destroyed by incorrect tag application or data transfer, and your customer will need to be made aware of this. The process is very labour intensive so we advise that they break the whole process down into micro processes. By optimising each micro process, they will maximise efficiency, known as marginal gains. They will also need strict quality control throughout so any issues are picked up and corrected as quickly as possible. If they factor all this into their process they are more likely to finish by the agreed deadline.

Agree on Accountability

If customers are going to be self-tagging then they’ll need to know what their responsibilities are. They’ll need to be accountable for both the physical tagging and data integrity. Having a tagging document that covers everything from tag positioning and programming, right through to workflow and risk assessment is essential for a smooth-running project. Make it clear that data integrity is something they need to quality check throughout. The last thing you want is to be delayed payment due to the data not matching the product.

Project reports are a great way of keeping things in check. Ask you customer to keep you up to date on the tagging process with a daily/weekly emailed report.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Keep in contact throughout the tagging process and keep your ears open for any issues that may be arising. Although the customer will be responsible for the physical tagging, it is in your interest to educate them on the overall system. There is a greater chance of success if your lines of communication are always open and you are available for information and advice when needed. Remember, they’re not RFID experts, so you’ll need to guide them as much as possible. Follow any calls up with an email outlining what you discussed. If they forget anything, you’ve got them covered!


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