Specialist RFID Services

We’ve grown to understand that none of the key players in RFID system provision, or their clients, want to be responsible for the tagging element of implementing an RFID or BLE system. We’re here to help with that, in whichever way you choose.

Your options are twofold, one is based on a consultation service to help you build a tagging plan for your assets. The second is a full tagging service for your assets.

Most of the necessary RFID services you already have covered, you’ve chosen a great system supplier, and a great system, now you’re planning implementation. Our customers are often surprised when they realise the scope of the tagging element of the project they’re undertaking. After putting all the smart work in, now they find themselves dealing with the nitty gritty of actually tagging.

We’re often brought into the mix after the initial tagging project has run into issues, whether it’s staffing issues, quality control or as is often the case, a realisation that it’s a specialist job that needs a specific set of skills. That’s where our RFID service helps our customers achieve a guaranteed level of quality in a guaranteed timescale to get their project fully implemented.

Just tell me what to do

We can do that. For a standard days consultancy fee you can have a tagging specialist on-site working with you to plan your tagging project. This way you don’t have to learn the hard lessons that we’ve learned through tagging 32 million + items.

If you want to plan it yourself, we’re happy to provide a free project plan template to help you. FREE PROJECT PLAN!

We don’t have the time for this, or the people

If you’d like a complete tagging solution we’re happy to help with that. Our partners have sold a lot of systems to a lot of great companies, and many of those great companies have asked us to complete the tagging projects for them. Experience is key here, so it’s a little unfair to expect you, as a system buyer, to become an expert in something you’ll only ever need once, but don’t worry we have a lot of experience.

We can share that experience with you in option one, the consultation, or we can take the project off your busy hands and make it work, leaving you to focus on what you should be doing.

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Other RFID Services

Tagging is our specialist area, but from tagging many millions of assets we’ve learnt a thing or two about asset management systems. If you’d like an early stage consultation focusing on your asset types and what asset management system would suit them we’re happy to help.

What would we do in that consultation?

  • First we’d look at your ‘big picture view’ of asset tracking / management
  • Next we’d look at your assets, your asset types will have a significant effect on what systems you can, or can’t, choose
  • Then it’s time for some advice on what’s possible, things are moving fast in RFID and BLE asset tracking, you may be able to do more than you thought was possible
  • We’re happy to provide some indications as to which system suppliers you should / could talk to (we’re completely independent and are offered no reward from any system suppliers for recommendations)
  • You’ll receive a written report on your options based on your targets and the possibilities available
  • You’ll also receive an outline asset tagging project plan ready for your implementation stage

Interested in booking an early stage consultation? Fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch!