Plugging The RFID Implementation Gap And Improving ROI

Plugging The RFID Implementation Gap And Improving ROI

White Paper for RFID System Suppliers

There is a clear implementation gap in RFID installations across most sectors. The current model for tagging the assets to be tracked creates that gap. By filling it your system produces an improved ROI through immediate implementation.
Immediate implementation not only improves the ROI calculation but ensures that protracted and difficult tagging implementation is a thing of the past. In short, providing a complete solution.

RFID technology has many benefits and undoubtedly as a professional company providing RFID solutions you know how to build a value proposition around those benefits. But are you really selling a total solution if you don’t offer to complete the implementation? Is it really the correct option to suggest your client manages the majority of the labour involved? Furthermore, are you putting your sales and operations teams in the best position to sell and support your system, drip implementation has an effect on both?


There is a considerable implementation gap within the RFID industry. Excellent systems developed by leading companies in a growing market are hindered by that gap.
In order to close that gap the most efficient option is to employ an RFID tagging company to perform the work.
The benefits are:

  • Client receives a complete solution
  • Your sales team are better equipped to present a compelling ROI case and implementation plan
  • Your operations team are freed up to concentrate on their core tasks
  • Projects are completed on schedule
  • Your clients are more likely to feel positive about a fully implemented project far earlier than a protracted implementation project
  • Reference sites are available earlier
    Download the white paper to find out about the RFID implementation gap and ROI.

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About the Author:

Martin Parsons is the managing director of The Tagging Team Ltd., an asset tracking implementation service provider based in Manchester, England, with more than 36 million RFID tags correctly installed to date.
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